M&A advisory with personality.

CD Invest Consult GmbH advises clients on company sales, acquisitions, company successions, privatisations, joint ventures, spin-offs and more. Based on more than 30 years of experience in M&A consulting, we identify suitable investors, potential buyers and targets.

We support you in all phases of the transaction process: Beginning with the definition of the growth strategy and extensive market analyses, we identify buyers and investors, create information memoranda, coordinate the due diligence process and assist you in negotiations until the deal is closed.


The process of selling a business is as unique as your company itself. We support you in all essential stages in order to successfully implement the transaction: From the preparation of a strategy over market research, company documentation, identification of and personal communication with investors, to the due diligence process, negotiations and the closing phase.


Acquisitions are an appropriate tool for the implementation of growth strategies. As an alternative to organic growth and greenfield investments, acquisitions provide a variety of opportunities for companies: expansion into new markets, products and customer segments, improvement of the competitive position and/or the increase of margins and business results. We advise you through the whole process from the development of a growth strategy to the signing of the deal.


State-owned companies tend to pull out more frequently of business areas which are supposed to be privately managed from a political perspective. CD Invest advises public businesses and ministries in the complex transition process to private ownership considering political, societal and job market relevant implications.


Strategic alliances allow combining the strengths of multiple organisations in order to create win-win situations. Our internationally networked team knows which cooperation strategies are suitable and how exciting joint ventures can be formed. As part of the Global M&A network, we are represented in over 50 countries.


An MBO or MBI occurs when the existing management of a company (MBO) respectively an external management team (MBI) acquires shares of a company with their own financial capacities or external resources with the involvement of financial investors (LBO).


Start ups and growing companies often require additional equity in the form of venture capital, private equity or mezzanine capital. Our services assist companies to phrase and embody their goals and business plans in wording suitable for investors, hence capturing the attention of crucial equity funds, strategic investors and family offices.


The decision to transfer shares should be well thought out. Are there potential successors within the family? Should external options like a management buyout be considered? Based on our extensive experience in planning, structuring and implementing company successions, we support you in finding an optimal solution for all parties.


M&A transactions are especially complex and time-sensitive concerning financial planning and strategic repositioning in restructuring situations. We support you when it comes to the development and implementation of strategies in order to lead your business out of this challenging position.


All company transactions should be built on fundamental market research to ensure a well structured industry overview and to be able to obtain the whole spectrum of suitable partners. CD Invest assists companies with separate research services in this process to handle this particular challenge.